When is graffiti art safe?

In recent years, graffiti art has become a big business.The UK government estimates that the value of the street art trade has grown by £15bn to £65bn.The number of graffiti art works in the UK has also increased by nearly 60% in the past decade.A recent study by the UK-based artist collective Mouldy Lads estimates

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How to Draw Street Art in New York

An old, well-known street art artist who has long been a fixture in the city’s downtown has been forced to move out of his apartment after his artwork was vandalized, according to police.The artist, who is known for his elaborate, colorful murals, was attacked in his Brooklyn apartment in September and October and was found


What it’s like to be a street artist in the US

A lot of the work on display at the Smithsonian is done by the street artists and street performers who come to America to perform and engage in street art.These artists and performers often have very different approaches to the art world.They may be using very basic tools like chalk and paint or other materials,