Which Melbourne street art is worth your money?

The street art market has been flooded with artists’ work, and it seems that Melbourne has one of the highest demand for street art.The streets of Melbourne have become a popular tourist destination, but some artists say they’re losing money.“The artists that are doing street art here are losing money because they’re not able to

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How to Find a Japanese Street Art Gallery

A Japanese street artist is making waves in Melbourne.Melbourne-based artist Masahiko Yoshikawa has been making his mark in the city for more than a decade.He has been a fixture in the hipster scene for nearly a decade, where he’s drawn on Japanese culture and his heritage.But for the past five years, he has been on

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How to Make the Perfect Hoverboard Street Art

The word hoverboard can conjure images of a futuristic, futuristic-looking skateboard.But a little more than a decade ago, the word skateboard was not even on the dictionary.It was a term for a skateboard that was more like a horse, with a small, upright frame.As such, it was a very different animal from the modern skateboard,