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How to Find a Japanese Street Art Gallery

A Japanese street artist is making waves in Melbourne.Melbourne-based artist Masahiko Yoshikawa has been making his mark in the city for more than a decade.He has been a fixture in the hipster scene for nearly a decade, where he’s drawn on Japanese culture and his heritage.But for the past five years, he has been on


The Art of Not Being Seen

In 2016, a new style of street art emerged in Auckland, New Zealand.Inspired by the work of Dutch street artist Hetalia, this style of graffiti, painted on buildings, is considered the work to become a classic in New Zealand and internationally.Hetalia painted murals of the people who lived in his home city, including portraits of


How to write a street art template

The next step in street art creation is to write the template.It’s the final step before the street artist can paint a masterpiece of his or her creation.A template is a collection of images and text that street artists will use to create their work.A street artist will often write the entire template, with their