The best of street art in Chicago

The city of Chicago has been on a tear over the last few years with the emergence of artists like kobras, street martial arts and street art bars.But as it’s become more difficult to find space for artists in the city, a lot of new art is finding its way into the city.Here are some


What’s next for street art in 2019?

With the season set to start in earnest, here are a few highlights from our annual list of street art trends.The next season is shaping up to be a bit more diverse than ever before.From a mix of street artists and new artists from around the world, there are many more street art projects than


How to save your city from zombies

Fremantle’s cobblestone streets are lined with shops, restaurants, and bars that cater to the city’s growing hipster crowd.But not every business is happy to be a tourist attraction in this crowded metropolis.With no street lighting, fremorne is not the ideal place to hang out, but the city is trying to get it back on its


What it’s like to be a street artist in the US

A lot of the work on display at the Smithsonian is done by the street artists and street performers who come to America to perform and engage in street art.These artists and performers often have very different approaches to the art world.They may be using very basic tools like chalk and paint or other materials,