How to create your own art gallery in Miami

How do you get your local art community to see your work?It’s no secret that artists like Banksy and Paul Cézanne were not just looking for work but also for love.So how do you find a place that fits both?That’s what local artist Paul César created when he turned to street art for inspiration.Paul’s art


What do you want to see in Memphis?

The artist behind a street art display is calling it a “throwdown” and hoping to draw attention to the city’s “stark divide.”The display at a Memphis art gallery will be one of the largest in the United States.The display at the City Hall building will be on display from March 15-19.It will include more than


What’s the latest street art craze in Leipzig?

From street art to graffiti, from traditional to new, this week in art:•”I love this game.It’s so easy to learn but it’s also very challenging and a little bit crazy.”•”It’s definitely got a sense of whimsy to it.”•”[Street art] is about being in a place and being a part of something.It makes you feel like


What are street art street lights?

Street art lights are a new trend in the world of art photography, but they are one of the most popular types of art lighting in the US.The light is typically made from a combination of copper wire, plastic, or aluminum, and has been widely used for years in street art photography.In 2014, a new