How to get street art into the world

The Norwegian street art scene is a vibrant, vibrant and vibrant place.It’s home to an entire generation of street artists.They’re all doing what they love to do, creating art, and doing it well.But as the year of Norway’s first ever street art event comes to a close, it seems it’s time to revisit some of

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How to keep an animal’s curiosity alive

I spent an hour and a half walking through an abandoned restaurant on the outskirts of Athens, Greece, in search of something I’d never seen before.A tiny mouse with a curious streak had been sitting at the foot of the table.“I was hoping it would come up for food,” I said to the mouse as


Which NBA Street Art is the Best?

Street art is a creative form that is becoming more popular every year, and while there is no one single best street art in terms of artistic quality, there are several that are highly regarded.Below are some of the best street artists out there.1. Sonic the Hedgehog by Alex Tuchman & Co.  Alex Tuchmans Sonic the