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I was just reading an

about an artist in Texas who’s been called a “brave warrior” by a guy who was trying to kill her for daring to paint a sign that read “Kill the Man.”So I’m reading an online article about a Texas woman who’s had a man threaten her with a knife and an axe, so she’s done


How to find a framed street art show

It was a beautiful Sunday morning in early August, but a large crowd of visitors had gathered to watch the display of street art at the Kunsthalle Museum of Modern Art.It was the first time the exhibition was open to the public and there were several hundred people gathered.A group of people who had just


Which street art is cool?

Posted January 13, 2018 12:18:23The word “cool” in the title of this article is a reference to the word “street”, which is used as a synonym for art, so that sounds pretty cool.The article says that this piece, by local artist and designer Paul O’Brien, is one of his “cool street” pieces, which in itself

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How to Draw Street Art in New York

An old, well-known street art artist who has long been a fixture in the city’s downtown has been forced to move out of his apartment after his artwork was vandalized, according to police.The artist, who is known for his elaborate, colorful murals, was attacked in his Brooklyn apartment in September and October and was found


Boston street art museum opens its doors to the public

NEW YORK — BOSTON’S BOSTON STREET ART MUSEUM, or BSTM, has officially opened its doors for the first time to the general public.Its website says it is an independent museum that “provides the highest quality and greatest opportunity to discover and experience art from around the world.”The museum was first opened in 2006 and features


How to Make a Giant Pop Art T-Shirt

COLUMBIA, Mo.— The giant pop art t-shirt that hangs above a cafe on the edge of downtown Columbia has drawn more than 30,000 people since it was posted on Saturday night.The shirt, by artist Tyler Johnson, features a stylized silhouette of the Columbia River and the words “Love is Love is Love.”The artist, who has been


How to spot street art and how to find them

In an era of social media and digital billboards, it’s often hard to tell which street art is real and which is fake.That’s why this new, interactive, online platform is helping people identify street art by posting a photo of it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.The platform is a combination of real-world street art that’s