How to find the best street art in Toronto

The city has become a place of urban legends and fables, with street art making a comeback as a creative art form.Here are some tips to help you find the freshest art on the streets.1.Look for artists that are familiar with Toronto.While many street art is influenced by the city’s urban landscape, it’s the artists


How to write a street art template

The next step in street art creation is to write the template.It’s the final step before the street artist can paint a masterpiece of his or her creation.A template is a collection of images and text that street artists will use to create their work.A street artist will often write the entire template, with their


What’s next for street art in 2019?

With the season set to start in earnest, here are a few highlights from our annual list of street art trends.The next season is shaping up to be a bit more diverse than ever before.From a mix of street artists and new artists from around the world, there are many more street art projects than