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The street art trend that took over France last year is making waves online.

From posters that celebrate women to portraits of people from different cultures, the trend has inspired a number of artists to take to social media to show their art.

But what’s the difference between street art and smart street art?

The concept of smart street is a way of using technology to tell a story, according to Félix Seneghini, a street artist who created a number on Facebook.

It’s more about creating a sense of a story through the technology and taking on a digital persona,” Seneghani told Al Jazeera.

Seneghanis poster is about a woman in a yellow dress and pink scarf.

It depicts her in a conversation with two young men, a man in a grey suit and a woman dressed in a black sweater.”

People are always in relationships with their mothers, or with their fathers.””

In my opinion this is a reflection of the reality that many of us live.

People are always in relationships with their mothers, or with their fathers.”

Seneghisi says the poster is an allegory of the way in which people can relate to the world around them.

“We have this feeling that the world is connected, that it’s something we can relate with, so we need to connect with it.

And it’s very easy to be disconnected from this world, to not see the world in terms of this one dimension, or to be separated from this dimension,” he said.

Saneghis poster was created in the name of ‘Nadine’ – a pseudonym for the daughter of Nadine de Sévigné, the first woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Nadene de Sétait, known as Nadine, won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2001.

She was born in Paris and raised in the nearby suburbs of Bordeaux.

In 2014, she wrote an article for a French magazine that sparked controversy.

She said she was inspired by a conversation she had with a woman, a friend and a taxi driver.

“It was the same conversation that my friend and I had when we were teenagers,” Nadine told Alja Nouvelle newspaper.

“She told me that it was difficult to leave home and that we had to move to a new neighbourhood or to another city.

I asked her what she meant.

She said that the new neighbourhood she lived in had more money and a nicer car, but there was no place to go.”

The woman said she didn’t want to go anywhere and told her that she was not happy.

“I asked her why, and she told me, ‘You don’t want my car, you don’t even want to have sex with me,'” Nadine said.

“That was the most terrible thing that she said to me,” Nadene added.

Nadia said that after the conversation, the woman began to have physical problems.

“I was so scared of her and she didn´t want to talk to me anymore.

She would have a panic attack and I would go to the bathroom and I couldn’t speak.”

She said that during this time, she also had suicidal thoughts.

“When you have this kind of situation, it is very difficult to stop yourself.

You have this idea that you will just kill yourself and go to your parents,” Nadin said.

The poster sparked controversy, with some claiming it was a reflection on gender inequality in France.

However, Nadine denied this.

She told Alijoule that her poster is meant to reflect a social and cultural inequality, as women have always been discriminated against in the French society.

“For me, this is about the freedom to be myself, to make my own decisions and my own choices,” she said.

Her poster was initially shared on Facebook by Nadine’s father, but her father was not interested in seeing it.

“He didn’t have any problem with it, but he said that it should be shared with other women.

I said, ‘No, this poster needs to be shared only with women,'” Nadin told Aljoule.

Nadal said she believes the poster has given women a sense that they can be their own people and not be defined by their family.

“Women have always fought for the same things.

They want to live their own lives and they want to be free,” she added.

“This poster is a message to women that we can be free too.”

Saneghanis smart street poster is just one example of a number that have taken to social platforms to express their art online.

In addition to the poster, Seneganis other poster shows a man sitting on a beach in Venice with a girl, who appears to be wearing a headscarf and a scarf around her face.

“What I find very interesting is that these people have become so much part of the street

french street art smart street art street art poster

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