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By KIM JONG-KYUA-KIM, SEOUL (Reuters) – An annual Christmas parade in the Netherlands could be delayed for at least two weeks as local officials work on a plan to curb traffic.

The parade has been held since the year 1800 and attracts millions of visitors, including thousands of Chinese tourists, who flock to Amsterdam every year to celebrate the birth of Christ.

But there are fears that a ban on street art could affect the event’s popularity and cause problems for tourists and locals.

Local officials said the event would be held on Sunday instead of Sunday, a day the country is traditionally celebrated.

The city council also announced on Wednesday that it would delay a Christmas parade from May 25 to July 24, because of the situation.

The council said the government had not yet been given a clear timetable for the festival.

“I’m going to keep it on hold,” said city councilor Jeroen Jons.

He said the city was considering a new approach to the problem, which could include changing the location or removing the traditional Christmas trees.

The event has been plagued by vandalism and other issues over the years.

Last year, several people were killed and hundreds were injured after they were attacked by masked men during the parade, which also included a traditional Christmas carol.

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