Street art muralists create a new Miami street art piece

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With the Miami Heat’s playoff push just one game out of the way, some street artists are trying to find new ways to add color and life to the city’s iconic downtown Miami Beach.

Artisans have been creating murals all over Miami and the surrounding area since 2012.

The artists have used their own skills and creative flair to bring a fresh and colorful take on Miami Beach that’s different from what they’re used to seeing in other areas of the city.

The Miami Street Art Coalition, a group of Miami-based street artists, has created a new mural in downtown Miami.

This is the mural the artists hope will bring some excitement to the neighborhood.

They hope to get it painted on a new piece of street art for the Miami Beach Convention Center.

The mural will be visible to passersby in the street for months.

This is a mural they are working on for the convention center.

This mural is a new concept that we are very excited about, they said.

They also want to use the new piece as a symbol of hope.

The murals have been on display for weeks.

Now, a new one has been installed in the plaza between the convention centre and Miami Beach State Beach State University.

This will be a temporary installation until the mural is completed.

Miami Street Arts Coalition members say they hope to bring this mural to Miami in the future.

It’s not a permanent piece of art, but it’s an example of street culture and street art being creative and evolving.

They’re trying to bring something new to the street art scene in Miami.

The mural will take months to complete, but they hope that people will come see the mural.

It will be the first time that people have seen this mural in years.

Artists say that it will be about the community and about the city of Miami.

It shows that we’re trying.

It’ll be a celebration of the culture that we live in, said James Lee, one of the mural’s creators.

We’re hoping that people can come and experience the art and enjoy the art, he said.

It is an opportunity for us to get out and get creative.

The artists hope that it’ll become an annual piece that people come see.

It should be a visual reminder that we’ve got some work to do.

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