A look at the art on streets around Atlanta


A few weeks ago, I was on my way to work in Atlanta, and stopped at a corner in Midtown.

I saw this art installation that looked like it was from a video game and was in the middle of it.

The art is titled “The City of Light,” and it is about an alternate version of Atlanta that’s just as sick as the real one.

It’s a piece of street art that uses light, air, and color to create the illusion of a city that’s in the shadow of the real thing.

I stopped and walked over to take a closer look, and when I got to the corner, I looked around and noticed a street light hanging there.

It was a neon sign that says “The Light.”

I looked at it, and it was like looking into a neon future.

It looked like a real city, except the street light was in front of the street art.

A few days ago, a man who identified himself as “The Ghost” came up to me and asked if I had seen his piece.

I said no, and he went on to tell me that he and his friend were walking down the street when they saw something on the sidewalk.

He told me he saw it as they were walking through a neighborhood that was painted with neon signs, and they saw it and stopped to look at it.

They thought it was just a street sign or something, but then he said they saw a street lamp and they thought it must be a sign or maybe a light bulb.

He didn’t say where they found it or what it was, but he said it was on the corner.

The Ghost told me that this was the only piece of art he had found, and that it had been sitting there for years and years.

“It’s like looking in the past,” he told me.

He said he was going to take his camera to it.

When I asked him if he could take a picture of it, he said he didn’t have the equipment to take one, but I would be glad to take it.

A friend of mine who works at a local bar called me on the phone and said they had seen this piece hanging out on the wall, and had posted a picture on Facebook.

I went to check out the picture on their Facebook page, and I saw the caption of the photo that said “this was found on the same spot where this is from.”

The poster, which was posted a couple of days ago by someone who claimed to be the Ghost, included a number of other interesting photos, some of which were taken by a friend who worked at the bar, and who had been in the area that night.

One of the images they posted included a group of four people sitting in a park with a neon-lighted lamp.

It wasn’t exactly the neon sign or the lamp that was up there, but it was close.

And there were several other pieces of neon-lit street art on the street where this was found.

That’s a pretty impressive number, especially since most of these signs were put up in the 1990s and are no longer up there.

I’m not sure if this particular piece of neon art is unique, or if it was around for a while, but we don’t know.

I asked the Ghost if he had ever seen anything like it, if anyone had ever found it, or even if it ever existed in the first place.

He just smiled and said, “It was in a tree.”

A friend asked me if I would like to go to the park and take a look at this piece.

That day, I headed to the Park and Recreation Center in downtown Atlanta to take my camera and walk around the area.

The first thing I saw were the signs of people in the park.

They had posters that said, in large letters, “The Place for the People.”

They also had a sign that said the park is open until 9 p.m., so that people could be seen and be heard.

I also saw people holding up signs that said things like “No Parking.”

People were not using that as a way to discourage people from going to the parks, and people were not showing up at the park, either.

I got a little worried about a lot of these neon signs.

I walked around the city and got to know the people there, and noticed some of them were very polite.

One woman told me she’s a big fan of Atlanta.

She told me the neon signs were a little confusing for people who are not familiar with it, because they don’t have any signs or words on them, but she knows it’s not something she should be worried about.

Another person said that it would be a good idea for people to walk around in groups.

He asked me what I would do if I was going somewhere and something happened and I didn’t know where to go.

I told him I would not do that.

I thought that was strange. I

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