Obey Street Art in Chicago, a collaboration between two Chicagoans


Obey, a street art project that celebrates black culture, opened in Chicago on Friday.

The project is modeled after the “Million Black,” an art project in New York City that was named after a black person who died in 2008.

The project has also become a platform for the Chicagoans who created the mural.

“We are creating a space where we can have our own dialogue, where we do things differently,” Obey organizer Landon Jones told BuzzFeed News.

“We have an opportunity to be able to work on the ground.

We are creating spaces that are open to everyone.”

Obey has more than 200 members.

This image was created by Obey.

In this image, a black man walks through a black community space.

The artist behind the mural said the mural is meant to be a “mockumentary” that “gives people the sense of where this is going.”

The murals were created on Obey’s own property.

The site is on West Lake Shore Drive in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood.

After the mural was created, the Chicagoan who created it, Abigail Hinton, created a social media post asking people to come visit and “come and support us and make the city a better place.”

The post garnered hundreds of comments.

On Saturday, Obey held a public art walk to honor the city’s Black History Month.

The group also held a Black History Walk in Washington Square Park in New Jersey on Saturday night.

Obey is working with a new group of artists to create new murals and installations throughout Chicago this month.

Obey members have created an array of murals, including one called “The Black Community,” which depicts a black family on a bus.

They’ve also created murals for other locations around Chicago including a mural in front of the White House and a mural of a mural that hangs in a storefront.

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