DC Street Art’s ‘I Got The Power’ documentary premieres at SXSW

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We’re all still waiting to see the official trailer for DC Street Artist, a documentary that follows four young women’s journey from street art pioneer to professional artist, and to an award-winning documentary about the movement, but the short trailer we saw at SXNW this week is already selling out.

The docu-series is now streaming online, and it premieres on Friday, May 11.

It’s a long way from the early, low-budget, DIY videos that were released at the beginning of the year, but it’s worth checking out for the first time in full.

Watch below.

The short trailer is titled I Got The Force, and focuses on the story of Lauren, a budding street artist who gets her start at a local skate park.

She spends the first few months in her new home, which she describes as a small, abandoned place with graffiti, graffiti walls, and other graffiti, which is actually her own creation.

“It’s like a dream,” Lauren says in the trailer.

“The dream is to have a community of street artists that care about art and care about making art.

The dream is that if we’re together, we can make something that we can all enjoy.”

As the trailer suggests, the focus of the docu is on the women who have started their own businesses.

Lauren is the only one who makes art in the first two episodes, and she says she was inspired by the “little art” movement of the early 2000s.

The first time she saw a street artist, she was hooked, and the rest is history.

She says she loves the way that street art creates a community, and says she wants to build that community into a “real community.”

“I just think that when you create art that’s your own and you care about, that’s what it’s all about,” she says.

The docu opens with Lauren and her family, who are all working, in the middle of the day, doing a few things in a coffee shop.

“We don’t care how many people come in or how many of us have to work,” Lauren explains.

“There’s no pressure, we just want to make a great art that people can enjoy.”

She adds, “We want people to come to the shop and see what’s in our hands, and then be able to say that’s an artist that I’ve seen.

That’s how I want to continue this project.”

The women in the documentary are a diverse group of women who are passionate about the art movement, and who are trying to create something that is both their own and something that others can enjoy.

Some of them are also working in the arts, including artist Liz Rucker, who is a street photographer and a curator at the Museum of the City of New York.

In one of her videos, Liz is shown photographing graffiti in New York City, and shows how she uses the graffiti to help her clients in their daily lives.

“I do it because it’s art.

It doesn’t feel like art,” she explains.

She then shows her own photos of graffiti on her wall, and points out how it reminds her of what she saw in the streets of her hometown of New Orleans.

“That’s how you get a feeling for where you are,” she tells the audience.

In the video, she also explains that the art she’s photographing is just part of her daily life.

“I’m a little like the mayor of my town.

I’m not going to be in the mayor’s mansion for six months, I’m going to have the mayor hang out in my basement, so I have my own space to be creative,” she adds.”

And if I see someone like myself that I think I can do something with, I want them to know that I’m there to help.”

Lauren says that she is very proud of her work, and that she has always wanted to create art.

She also says that the people she meets in the street, especially those who have an interest in the art scene, are all supportive.

“You know, when I look at these women who I work with, all of them look like they’re so passionate about art.

They’re passionate about doing it, they’re passionate to do it and they want to share it with the world,” she said.

“So to be able just to say, hey, if you want to do something that’s something that people will enjoy, I’d love to work with you, that is just so much fun.”

In the first episode, Lauren’s family tells her they are all happy with the work they’ve done so far.

She admits that there are times when she’s frustrated that they’re only doing what she wants.

“If I’m just doing what I want and I’m frustrated by the fact that I can’t get anything done, I know that my work will never be accepted by people

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