How to turn an abstract street painting into a graffiti mural


An abstract street artist’s mural is one of the few things that are universally loved in Portland, Oregon, but for the last few years, the muralist has found herself at the center of a legal battle over whether she’s a street artist or not.

On March 5, a judge ruled that the Portland Street Art Collective was a street art collective under the federal Fair Housing Act, and if it’s a legal entity it must register as such under that law.

The ruling also gave the collective a chance to address the complaints against it.

But the ruling, which was published in the Portland Mercury, does not provide a way to protect the mural artist, who was also featured on the mural of a man wearing a “No Hate” t-shirt, but who did not receive any government funds for the mural.

It only provides for the collective to register as a street-art collective.

The Mercury reported that the mural is called “I Love Portland,” and the graffiti on the wall is “I Am Portland.”

The muralist says that she’s been trying to get the mural back to the Portland community for years, but says that the city has repeatedly denied her requests for it.

“The city has refused to even allow my name to appear on the walls,” she told the Mercury.

“We’re still waiting to hear back from the city.

“They’re trying to tell us it’s all just a misunderstanding. “

I’m getting really frustrated with this, especially after so many years of fighting,” she added.

“They’re trying to tell us it’s all just a misunderstanding.

We’re not getting anything.

I feel like we’re being harassed.”

The case is in the Oregon Supreme Court.

The mural was removed from the wall of the Portland Public Library and is now hanging in a private collection.

According to the Mercury, the city will be taking the mural down on Thursday, and the judge who issued the ruling says that it may be removed from public view.

It’s unclear if the city plans to pursue legal action against the muralists.

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