How to write a good blog post


street art artist,theater,posting,post an article,blogging source The Verge /r /lifestyle/lifestyle_sources/street art a title What are the top five things that make a great online post?

source The New York Times /r “In my book, ‘The Art of Blogging,’ I wrote, ‘Bloggers should do it as a hobby.

I think they should be blogging on their phones and laptops all day.’

And I was pretty right.

So I started doing it full time.

And it was a hobby, and I think I’m now able to make a living doing it for a living.”source The New Yorker /r”My wife was in college, and she was writing about the ’90s, and it was really hard for me to write about it.

But I guess now that I’m in my 50s and living in New York City, I’m finally able to do that and make a decent living doing that.”source Slate /r “[T]his is the kind of thing I really wanted to do when I was younger, so when I decided to pursue this kind of work, I knew that I would have to do it full-time.”source Vice /r”[S]tudies and jobs are hard, but if you can make something that you love that’s really worth doing, that’s worth being paid for, then that’s what makes it worth doing.”source Forbes /rThe best part about writing for a blog is that you don’t have to be a professional to do the work.

This article by one of our most prolific writers, Sarah Lea, is no exception.

We had a chance to chat with her about the art of blogging, why she started writing for the site, and how to turn a hobby into a career.

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