Art gallery’s art gallery is closing as it struggles to keep up with demand


The Art Gallery of Germany has said it is closing the showpiece Art Street Art Cologne, which is based in the city’s central district of Cologne.

The gallery’s founder, Thomas Hoehner, said on Tuesday that it had been forced to reduce the number of artists it offers to make way for the new exhibition, Art Space: Contemporary Contemporary Art in the Age of Trump.

“Our main aim is to keep the Art Gallery up and running,” Hoehern told Bild.

A new exhibition at the Art House will be unveiled on Thursday. “

But we also want to make sure that this space does not lose its beauty, its history and its history is what makes the Art Galleries a special place.”

A new exhibition at the Art House will be unveiled on Thursday.

Hoehner has been fighting the closure of the Art Place since it opened in late 2017.

“We are fighting to keep Art Place alive in its original form,” he told Bild, adding that it was an important and powerful project for the city.

“It has created a kind of cultural centre for a city, for people from different cultures, who can come together.”

Art Place was inaugurated in January 2019.

The exhibition’s exhibition space will now be expanded, including two galleries on the ground floor.

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