When I found this piece in the middle of the night, I was really scared


Posted September 15, 2018 15:11:21When I found a street art piece by artist Soumya Bhattacharya in the evening, I felt scared.

A lot of artists in India have been under attack for years over the alleged lack of proper supervision and policing of their work.

However, this one in the city of Chennai is not the only example of the work of street art that has been found in the night.

This artist has also been found with a few other pieces in their possession.

A few weeks back, I found another piece by Bhattatcharya in my home city of Bengaluru.

This one was in the form of a map with the cities of Mumbai and Bengaluru on it.

I am not a native of Bengal and had not visited either city at that time.

I was shocked to see this map and to learn that it was done by a person who does not live there.

However I am a member of the National Advisory Council for Street Art (NACSA) in India, and I know many artists who are from Bengaluru who have also taken this project as a challenge.

So I am happy that Soumyac is still alive and doing his work.

There are other similar maps in the works of artists from Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat.

Some of them are quite similar to Soumyapal’s map.

This particular one is a map that is similar to another map that Soumayya Bhattakarya had made in Chennai.

It is called the “Kadai Map” and has a number of cities on it like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Kolkata.

I am sure that many artists in this country have had their work attacked and vandalised by people from other parts of India.

So why is it that Soumeya Bhabhatary is not facing such issues?

Soumya has a very strong image in India.

He is an iconic figure in the art world.

Many artists have described him as a “superhero” and he is a popular figure in many cities.

However, there is a big difference between a “hero” in the popular culture and a “soul” in art.

It could be said that Soumya Bhoodatchary is a soul in a body.

A street artist in India is like a ghost who has left the body behind.

A soul does not return to the body.

In fact, Soumayyas life has been spent in various locations all over the world.

He has also done his best to create the illusion that he is still in India but he has left it behind.

The city where Soumyakas work is located has been a popular place for street art.

Many of the artists have also done their best to put up posters around the city showing Soumaya’s work.

A poster in this case is a tribute to Soumayas life.

Soumaya has been attacked many times and many of his paintings have been damaged.

I don’t want to say that he has lost his art but I have seen his work and it is a sad reality of life.

A man who does the same thing over and over again is like the ghost who haunts his home.

Somewhere along the line, Soumiyas family lost a child and his parents were also killed in a motorcycle accident.

They are still living in a house near his work, so he has not come back to work.

But even though Soumayam is not a “real” artist, his work has still impacted the lives of many artists across the world, and we must respect his legacy.

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