Which Melbourne street art is worth your money?


The street art market has been flooded with artists’ work, and it seems that Melbourne has one of the highest demand for street art.

The streets of Melbourne have become a popular tourist destination, but some artists say they’re losing money.

“The artists that are doing street art here are losing money because they’re not able to sell that work as much as they want to,” said Melbourne street artist Mollie Kwan, who runs Melbourne Street Art in the city’s inner north.

Kwan says the street art scene in Melbourne is booming, but not for the same reasons that the local art scene is.

Instead, Kwan is blaming the rising cost of art supplies for the drop in income.

She says artists are trying to get more art supplies online, but it’s expensive, and artists have had to drop out of painting due to financial problems.

I’ve had my van stolen, Kyan said, which means my work has been stolen too.

For artists like Kwan and Kwan’s fellow street artists, the trend is a little odd, but she’s hopeful it will change.

“I think that it’s a great thing that people are starting to pay attention to street art,” she said.

Mollie’s mural was recently painted by an artist who did not want to be named, and she has received a steady stream of compliments on Instagram. “

I think we’re going to see a lot more street art happening in Melbourne, and hopefully it’s not the end of the world.”

Mollie’s mural was recently painted by an artist who did not want to be named, and she has received a steady stream of compliments on Instagram.

Some artists say the street artist community is starting to diversify.

But Kwan says she wants to change the conversation around street art in Melbourne.

“It’s so hard to get paid to paint, because if you are doing a street art project, you have to put money in,” she told 7.30.

It’s a real shame, because we’ve seen street art disappear from the city, she said, adding that people should take the money they’re making out of the street, and invest it in art.

Victoria’s street art industry is one of Melbourne’s most lucrative industries, and the city is also home to the famous Royal Melbourne Museum.

Kwan’s mural has been covered with thousands of Instagram likes, and has attracted over 7,000 Instagram followers.

However, Kwin’s mural, which was painted in 2011, has had a negative effect on the city.

Its been covered by the Melbourne Herald Sun, but its been accused of being a cover up by local residents.

Local artist Nicky Catt said the mural’s message is not only for Melbourne, but also for Melbourneers.

But Kwin disagrees.

Melbourne street artists are a community that deserves respect, she told ABC Melbourne.

This has nothing to do with money, she added.

“[The mural] is really not about money, it’s about people who live here, and we’re trying to build a new community here.”

She says she plans to continue painting in the future, but for now she has to work on getting more art into the market.

More to come.

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