How to create street art without a phone


The first time I saw a sign that said “Street Art on the Road” I thought, “Well, if I can just paint a picture of Jesus on my door, then that’s a pretty good start.”

The message was simple: There is something beautiful, magical, and spiritual about taking a picture on the road.

The idea was to convey the idea that this is a place where the people of God love and care for each other.

The sign, which was part of the “Passion Street” project by local artist and author Tanya Tagaq, was placed in the front yard of the residence of a couple who lived in the neighbourhood.

Tagaq’s sign was installed over the weekend and it has already garnered attention from local residents, some of whom have called it a “soul-raising” and “inspiring” message.

The sign was designed with the intention of inspiring a dialogue between the public and the people behind it.

“I don’t want people to think I’m trying to sell them something,” said Tagaay.

“I just want to make a difference and give them a chance to be in touch with something they really need.”

The signs are a reminder of the importance of community in a world that is increasingly divided into the “world of commerce” and the “multiverse.”

Tagaay said she had a hard time deciding how to choose the right image to paint on the sign.

She started with a picture she found on the internet and then considered what it could look like on the house next door.

“It’s just something that is really beautiful to see,” said the author of two books on the topic.

“It just kind of took off from there.”

The couple that lived in their neighbourhood were also interested in the project, which has attracted thousands of visitors.

“This has been really good for us,” said Teresa Gomes.

“We’re so grateful.

We want to share that message with our neighbours, to the community.”

The pair said they are not surprised at the amount of interest in the initiative, which started in January.

“They are a couple of good guys and they’re doing a good job, so we’re really happy with that,” said Gomes, who is also the mother of a young child.

“The community is really supportive of us and it’s been really encouraging.”

Takaqa has also received support from the local Muslim community, who have also been invited to help paint on her sign.

“We’ve been really touched by that and I think it’s something that we can continue to do,” said her mother.

Takaq said the message was a good way to engage with people.

“People really want to talk to us and share with us their story and their experiences,” she said.

“People really love it and it helps us to keep ourselves connected to the people.”

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