When the bushwick streets were the bane of artists, a new style was born


In the early days of the city, bushwick Street Art was a time-honored method of artistic expression in the Victorian capital.

But now, as urban growth continues to reshape the landscape of the Australian capital, the style is being targeted by the City of Victoria.

Key points:The Victorian Government has launched a campaign against the use of street art in Melbourne, including by people with mental health issuesWhile Victoria’s street art commissioner has said she’s concerned about the impact on public safetyThe City of Melbourne has launched an advertising campaign against street art and will be rolling out a new ad campaign this month in response to the issue.

The City’s campaign is part of a broader campaign against public art that will include new advertising targeting the use and misuse of the art in Victoria.

The campaign is set to run for two weeks, with billboards and a web page to highlight the art’s negative impact.

The Victoria Government has previously called for a crackdown on the use, misuse and distribution of street arts in Melbourne.

It is also calling for a greater awareness of the risks of public art in the city and has also been lobbying for the removal of the word ‘bushwick’ from the name of the street art.

The city has been pushing to get rid of the term ‘bushy’ for a long time.

But in the past, the city’s approach has not been well received.

“We don’t want to go out of our way to say we don’t like the term, but we’ve been told by the community that the term is associated with this type of activity and it’s not really our place to do that,” said Deputy Mayor Paul Jones.

“We do have a role in the community and we’ve had to make the choice that we don and we donít want to make a change.”

He said the city would not be going to court to have the term removed, but the issue had been discussed internally and would be taken to the Victoria Public Art Commission.

The issue has been a sore point in the ongoing conversation between the Victorian Government and the City.

The Victorian City Council has been contacted for comment, but no decision has been made.

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