Which streets are street art hotspots?


FourFourSeconds ago, we asked our readers to pick a street in London for their next street art challenge.

We’ve taken a look at the city’s streets and mapped out their unique street art scenes, giving you the chance to discover some of the best street art that London has to offer.

The streets we selected were:Fitchburg, St Pancras, Victoria Park, Lambeth, Hampstead Heath, Park Lane, Kings Cross, Hammersmith, Knightsbridge, Belgravia, Belgrave Gardens, Hampden Road, Hampton Heath, Fulham, Southwark, Regent’s Park, Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral, Southbank, Notting Hill, Bishopsgate, Kings Place, City Hall, Victoria Embankment, Chelsea and Westminster Bridge, Camden, Kingsbury, Hyde Park, Tottenham Court Road, Regency Hall, Knightsgate Bridge, Trafalgar Square, Canary Wharf and the River Thames.

These are some of our favourite streets in London, and the map below will show you which street art scene you might be able to get a look, and which street you’ll have to navigate through.

We’ll be running this map every Monday from now until October 31.

The map will be updated throughout the month.

So, what’s your favourite street art location?

Let us know below.

Find out more about street art in London by checking out our guide to the UK’s top street art destinations, including London’s most famous street art spots.

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