Art Street Hotel, the latest high-end art venue to open in Thailand


Art Street hotel in Bangkok, Thailand is set to open on April 20.

The hotel, located in the heart of the capital’s cultural scene, will serve a diverse range of clients including artists and musicians, as well as high-profile exhibitions and events.

The boutique hotel will open with a two-week stay and a four-night stay for a minimum of $2,200 (approximately £1,400).

Art Street, which is owned by the Royal Thai Art Museum and operated by Royal Thai Tourism, plans to open three floors of art spaces, with the first two offering a “traditional” gallery experience, while the third will cater to contemporary art and contemporary fashion.

Art Street Hotel opened in 2013 with a five-star Michelin-starred restaurant, which has been described as the “perfect fusion of a modern, elegant hotel and an ancient art gallery.”

Thailand is home to many famous and famous artists, and is home base for several of the world’s best contemporary art galleries.

A new hotel called Art Street in London is also set to debut in April.

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