How to find and pay for street art on Instagram


A new craze is underway to collect street art for your Instagram account.

And for a limited time, you can get in on the action by donating to the Urban Art Fund.

“We wanted to give people the ability to get street art and not have to pay for it,” says Sarah Smith, who heads up the fund.

The Urban Art fund is an initiative of the Urban Arts Alliance, which aims to “make a positive impact on the world through creative expression.”

It’s also the same Urban Arts organization that has partnered with artists to launch a collection of iconic street art in the city of Toronto.

The group recently teamed up with Toronto street artist David Schloss to launch the Urban Artists Project, which is part of the urban arts initiative.

“The concept of the program is that if you donate to Urban Artists you can support artists from anywhere in the world, even in Canada,” Smith explains.

“This is a way for the Urban Alliance to partner with artists that have not been represented in Toronto.”

Smith says that artists in Toronto have already donated over $400,000.

“Our aim is to give artists the ability and the motivation to make this a reality,” she says.

Artists in the U.K. and the U,A.E. are among those who have already contributed.

“In many cases artists have a lot of creative freedom with what they create,” Smith says.

“I think that is really important to us that people have the opportunity to take that and use it as they see fit.”

“People in many cases have a little bit of freedom with how they make art and that is good for them.”

Artists can even give a donation to the fund by simply posting a photo of themselves in a photo-essay.

Smith says the idea is to make people feel inspired by what they’re doing.

“If they see a great piece of art and they want to donate it, we are open to that.”

The fund will accept donations of up to $2,500, which can be used for any kind of donation to any artist.

Smith said the fund is also open to people from all walks of life and that the UAA is committed to making the donation process accessible to everyone.

“Everyone is entitled to their own artistic vision and we want to create an environment where people can really contribute,” she explains.

The fund was launched to give urban artists the tools to express themselves on the streets of Toronto and to promote a vibrant city.

“Artists are not necessarily a monolithic group,” says Smith.

“They’re diverse, they’re creative, they have their own styles and their own stories.”

The Urban Artists Fund will also be offering a “donate as you go” option for those who donate.

“It’s kind of like a little gift that goes out on your Instagram feed that you don’t have to think about.

You don’t even have to have your account open,” she explained.

Artists can choose to leave their donation with Urban Artists.

“You can leave your money with us as you are going to be able to access all of the benefits that we are giving out as well,” Smith said.

“Once we get a lot more people donating and as we get more people contributing to the funds, it will get even better.”

“I can see it being really useful for people who don’t want to spend a lot on their Instagram account or don’t know where to donate,” Smith adds.

“People who are not interested in going out and getting a lot will be able take a look at some of the incredible street art that’s out there.”

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