How to see the freshest art in Melbourne’s street art scene


The art scene is alive and well, as you might expect, and it is the biggest and most exciting part of the local art scene.

The art market has always been a vibrant part of this city’s cultural life, and its presence is something that many have been wanting to see in the city’s central business district for years.

“In Melbourne there is a constant flow of talent from all over the country, and that’s really what makes the city unique,” says art dealer and curator at the Melbourne Art Gallery, Michael Evans.

He says the area is full of “a very eclectic mix of street art and street artists, from the street artists of London to street artists in the UK, and the street art in Australia.

I think that’s what attracts people in this city to come and see the art and the art market in particular.”

As for the art scene itself, there are several galleries and venues in the CBD, with some of them offering a more in-depth experience of the art.

One of the most well-known is the Art Exchange, where you can browse and sample the best street art from around the world.

But there are also several independent galleries offering street art for sale in a variety of forms, from small works of art to large works of contemporary art, to some very expensive pieces.

The Melbourne Art Exchange is the largest art market and gallery in the world, and with a diverse range of art on display, it’s an ideal place to get an introduction to the art world.

You can visit the Art Market, but you will also be able to find some of the best galleries and artisans in Melbourne, which will be something you will want to see as soon as you arrive.

A few of the smaller galleries, such as the Art Shop and the Urban Art Gallery are also great places to check out some of Melbourne’s best local artists and curators.

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