Why the art of street art isn’t a new phenomenon


Why do people still care about street art?

I’ve been doing a lot of street photography over the last year.

It’s something that has been around since the 80s and 90s and I think that’s really been a huge inspiration to the street artist community.

When I started doing street photography in the late 80s, it was the beginning of the end of the street as we knew it.

We were being pushed to the margins of society, and we were getting killed.

But the internet and the digital era has allowed us to be able to do this in a way that was very, very much new.

People are very excited about street photography.

I think a lot people are just seeing something that’s been created for them.

And that’s cool.

That’s something I feel very passionate about, and that’s something we’ve always been able to have.

There are definitely elements that are new and interesting, and I feel like that’s part of the beauty of street painting.

A photo like the one below is just one example of that.

Why do people care about Street Art?

There’s definitely something about the way street art is being seen in this city, in this country.

You see it everywhere.

Even in the United States, street art has been seen around a lot in the last few years.

If you go to a lot places, you can see street art.

This one is just a bit different.

The message is different.

I wanted to try to show what’s going on in a new way, to try and tell a new story.

Is there a common thread between street art and street photography?

A lot of it is just the idea of trying to tell a story.

A lot of people are looking for a new and different way to say something.

What are some of the most important points you want to make about street painting?

Street art is about showing people a new reality, about giving them something new and exciting to look at, and about a kind of resistance to the status quo.

As a photographer, I love seeing the change that’s taking place.

“Street art” is a catchall term for all sorts of different kinds of art, from street architecture and street theatre to street food and street dance.

For the most part, the street has been the place that’s brought together people from different backgrounds, from different social groups.

In the past, people just looked at the street, and they were just doing it in a certain way.

Now, they’re using their own artistic talents to make something different, and trying to show something new.

It’s about taking a new approach to something that might be a little bit outdated, a little too old-fashioned.

How do you approach street photography differently from street painting and other forms of art?

I think that street art really comes from an idea of hope and a desire to help people.

Street artists really are working towards the same goal, which is to change the way people see the world and what we think of ourselves.

I think it’s a very inspiring concept, and one that I think has really been embraced by people in a very big way.

Where do you see street photography taking you?

What’s your favorite place to be in Toronto?

The streets.

It seems like a place where there’s just so much variety and excitement and activity and so much potential.

I love it here.

My favourite place to photograph is my mom’s house.

I like that it’s so quiet and there’s always something to do.

Do you have a favorite piece of street artwork you’ve been able do?

In terms of street pieces, there’s been so much.

One of my favourites was this amazing mural that was just done in Toronto that I’m just really excited about, called “The House That Will Not Be Named.”

The house that will not be named.

Another piece that I love to photograph in Toronto is this one on the street in Toronto called “City of Light.”

I love that it took me three years to get to this point.

Can you tell me a little about the street photography community you’ve built in Toronto over the past year?

I have a very active Instagram account, and it’s something where I talk about different topics.

I post things about architecture, street photography, street food, street dance, and a lot more.

On a daily basis, I’ve been seeing a lot new stuff.

At the end, I also like to post photos that are kind of random, or quirky, or unexpected.

To me, that’s how it should be, and people should see that.

If I’m lucky enough to get the right artist to do a piece, I will post that piece on Instagram.

Are there any other cities where you’ve seen

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