Cartoon Street Art and the ‘cartoon house’


Cartoon street art is not just for the children.

It has been seen in the world of art, from the famous ‘Madonna’ artwork of the 1950s, to the latest trend of ‘cartoons and food’ in the US, to last year’s #BlackFriday art craze.

Here is an interview with artist and illustrator Vyacheslav Besser from Russia who, along with his brother, is the founder of the art on street art collective Cartoons on Street.

Art street is a collective that works with artists to create a visual identity.

We work with artists who have been through various stages of artistic development, like the famous Madonna paintings of the late 1950s.

It’s an artistic process where we use all our skills and skillsets, and work on a single concept.

Vyachsevs works with these artists, including Madonna, in order to create unique pieces that reflect her identity.

He is the curator of the collective, and he says that art street is not only a means of communication, but also a platform to express oneself, and express the artistic vision.

The group also provides a platform for artists to meet, share ideas, and have some fun with each other.

It can be seen in many projects like “Cartoons on Streets”, where artists and their works are presented on the street, and the audience is invited to participate.

Vytacheslav says that the art street project has been around for two decades, and that it has reached a point where the public can see art on the streets of many cities, including London, Berlin, and New York.

Vypaslav Besseser says that he sees the value of this kind of art on urban spaces.

“We are all connected in a very real way, and we can all create something beautiful on the walls of a building, or even in the street,” he says.

“There is nothing that can be built in the middle of the street and nothing can be created on the other side of the road, and so the street becomes an incredible place to create something.”

When we talk about art street, we also mean artists, street workers, and street artists who are not just street artists.

Artists are also street people.

We call them ‘cartons’ because they are made by a team of artists and are made to be shared by the public,” Vypaseslav adds.

His brother, Vladimir Bessers, says that his brothers work as independent artists, and they work independently as well. “

Our main focus is on street artists and street people,” Vyasbas says.

His brother, Vladimir Bessers, says that his brothers work as independent artists, and they work independently as well.

“The reason for this is that we have different interests,” he explains.

“Art street artists do not like to be associated with the art world, and prefer to create their own works.

Art street people are more drawn to street art and the urban environment.””

The most interesting thing is that the people we meet are not artists, they are street people who are interested in creating art, who are drawn to this kind to create different kinds of art.

They don’t have any artistic training, but we have a very strong artistic training and a strong sense of humour.

We also think that if people look at a piece of art and have a good impression, they can have a great time.

So we think that the best way is to have a lively interaction with each and every artist.””

We like to talk about the street people in St Petersburg.

We want to create some kind of street culture.

We think that street art has the potential to be the next big thing in the art scene.

I think that we will have more street artists than ever before in the next 10 years,” Vysaslav adds, referring to the potential of urban street art in Russia.”

In the past we had street artists in St. Petersburg, we had artists working on art houses, we have artists working in the underground art market.

And now the street art movement is going to be a real thing in St Pete,” Vladimir Bessesers says.

Vyachesav is excited about the potential that urban street is going have in St Peters, as he sees it as a catalyst for more creative people in Russia, especially young people.

“This will create a new culture, new artistic culture, and new creative ideas,” he adds.

People who come to St Petersburg will find art street art a real and beautiful space, a place where the street is transformed and transformed,” he concludes.

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