An artist paints ‘Black Lives Matter’ on street art


An artist has painted an image of an “Aryan Nation” symbol on a block of street art on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, a crime-fighting activist group said. 

The mural, painted by a graffiti artist called Fusz, was uncovered Sunday on the side of a building near the entrance to the Trump Tower. 

Fusz said he was inspired to paint the mural after seeing the violence and discrimination in the U.S. against Muslims, immigrants, Black and Latinx people and other minorities.

“I think there’s a real disconnect between the U:S.

and how it treats other communities,” he said.”

People need to be able to say, ‘Hey, this is the United States.'” 

A group of activists, including Dori Wexler, founder of the anti-racist nonprofit group Anti-Fascist Action, said they had a plan to protest the mural and paint it over with a new message.

“It’s the beginning of a dialogue about the future of our communities,” Wexlers said.

“It’s not a call to kill anyone.

It’s not going to be a call for mass murder.

We’re saying, ‘We need to stop thinking of people as just a group of people.

We need to think about people as people.'”

Wexler said the mural would be painted over with an image showing the Black Lives Matter movement and a message about the importance of community.

Fusiz said he hoped to get the mural painted over in the next few weeks.

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