When is graffiti art safe?


In recent years, graffiti art has become a big business.

The UK government estimates that the value of the street art trade has grown by £15bn to £65bn.

The number of graffiti art works in the UK has also increased by nearly 60% in the past decade.

A recent study by the UK-based artist collective Mouldy Lads estimates that a graffiti mural will cost between £20,000 and £25,000.

The average cost of a work is about £500.

But many artists, including some of the best known, have faced the prospect of arrest or even deportation from the UK, even for a minor offence.

What is graffiti?

There are three main forms of graffiti graffiti, but the main differences between them are: colours: this is the most common form of graffiti, usually a series of coloured dots and letters

bubble street art street art shadows

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