New mural on the way for Berlin’s Karcocha Street Art charity


The artist behind this mural in the German city of Karcochesa, known as “The Black Man,” is looking to raise more than €15,000 ($18,000) to pay for the mural and other works in the area.

In an interview with DW, the muralist, who calls himself “Dani,” said the funding will come from a charity called The Black Man.

He said he had already painted more than 20 works in Karcocheansa in recent months, and had recently been able to put his new mural up.

The project started in late October, but it took a while for it to get approval from the local government.

The city of Kiel, which has a population of more than 150,000, has strict rules about what can be painted on public property, including a ban on public art in its parks.

The muralist said he was aware of the rule against public art, and was hoping to create something that could break it.

“I want to create a mural that will break the taboo,” he told DW.

“It’s a public space, not a private space.”

He added that he also wanted to create an opportunity for locals to get involved, and get involved in creating something of their own.

“This is an opportunity to do something that will be in the public sphere and be part of the local community,” he said.

The street art mural is in an area that is known for its street culture.

A photo of the mural on Berlin’s Berlin’s Mitteau Pferd mural site.

It features a black man and a white woman, and is located on the corner of Pferdi street and Pferdanieres, just behind the German parliament.

The Karcochasa artist said that in recent years, Karcochanasa had seen a “huge influx of foreign visitors” and had been the subject of graffiti campaigns.

“Now that’s changed,” he explained.

“This area is full of foreigners.

And I want to change that.”

Dani said he hopes the mural can attract more foreign visitors, and will do everything in his power to support it.

He is currently finishing the mural, and hopes to put it up again next month.

“At the moment, I’m just finishing,” he added.

“I’m looking forward to it, and to do it better.”

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