‘Pussyhats, Pussyhubs, Pussies’: Creepy street artist posts ‘Pussies, Pissies’ and other bizarre street art


Creepy, strange, and creepy street art can be found all over New York City, with an alarming number of images appearing on city streets.

One of the most bizarre examples of this weirdness is a graffiti-like mural that was painted over the entrance to an art gallery.

This painting, called Pussyhat, has an unsettlingly-detailed drawing of a woman wearing a short skirt, pussyhat, and pussy.

This mural has been hanging on the walls of the Art Gallery of New York since 2013.

The artist behind this mural is a 19-year-old named Lola S. who is known as PussyHatz, or Pussy.

S. describes herself as a ‘visual artist’ who draws on her imagination to create provocative images.

She began making art while studying at the Parsons School of Design, and now uses her skills to create street art throughout New York, including at the Brooklyn Bridge, the Wall Street Bridge, and at City Hall.

S. told me that the street art she paints is often a mix of graffiti, porn, and other odd street art.

The artist uses a range of materials, including acrylic paint, clay, and chalk.

S.’s most famous work, Pus, Punks, and Pussypass is a piece of art that has been in the works for over a year.

S says she originally wanted to do a mural in the form of a “pussy hat,” but that the city’s Department of Design and Planning refused her idea.

This led her to create a larger mural, which she painted over City Hall and the entrance of the Brooklyn Art Gallery.

The mural is located at 8 East 52nd Street, at 5th Avenue and Seventh Avenue, across from the Barclays Center.

S told me, ‘The thing about Pussy, Punk and Pus is that I’m not really a visual artist, so I can’t use a palette of colors, I can only use what I see in my head.

I do the art, and then the visualizations come from what I can see in the art.’

This mural was designed to show the importance of women’s empowerment in NYC.

S.’s interpretation of this mural reflects the city of New Yorkers attitudes towards women, and the way the city treats women in the arts.

S has a Facebook page that has nearly 2,000 likes, but it was not immediately clear what kind of art she creates.

However, a cursory look at her Facebook page reveals that she is a member of the alt-right.

She has been linked to white nationalist groups and neo-Nazi groups.

S., who has a tattoo on her right forearm, told me she uses this as an excuse to make art.

She claims that her tattoos are to “protect my soul” and that they have no political purpose.

S said that she works for a group called ‘Pornpunks’ that uses ‘pussyhacks,’ or sexually-suggestive street art to ‘pimp out’ women, to promote their porn culture.

S claims that she makes her art because she ‘wants people to know that these kinds of art are normal and are normal in our culture, and that it’s okay to do that.’


said that Pussy is not a particularly large artist, and she is unsure how many of her paintings are on the wall in the building where the building is located.

She said that her most popular pieces have been around 1,000 and that there are others up for sale.

I spoke with S. about the meaning of her art.

S said, ‘I feel like it’s a kind of resistance to society.

It’s about me as a woman, and I feel like this is a form of protest, to show that women are respected, that we are valued, that there’s not something wrong with women, that women can have dignity and not have to be ashamed of ourselves.’

I just wanted to say, ‘Don’t look at me, look at your fucking art.”

I feel that the most important message that I get from Pussy Hatz is that it is okay to be a pussy.’

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