Why Oakland Is Getting the Best Art in America

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By The Associated Press / Staff WriterThe city of Oakland has one of the nation’s best-trained and most diverse art departments.

It also has some of the country’s most expensive housing.

But Oakland, Calif., is also one of America’s most segregated cities, according to the latest census.

That means black and Latino residents are less likely to have access to affordable housing, and are often priced out of the art market.

A new survey by The Art Institute of America finds Oakland, the nation ‘s most segregated city, is getting the best art in America.

Its been a rough year for Oakland.

In July, the city of nearly 3 million residents was forced to relocate to Oakland after city leaders decided to spend $300 million to demolish the former Oakland Coliseum site.

The city has also struggled with a spike in crime, which is blamed on an influx of illegal immigrants and crime.

The latest census also found Oakland was home to more than 7 percent of the U.S. population, but it only accounted for 5.5 percent of art-related revenue, according the American Institute of Architects.

The AIA estimates the median arts revenue per capita in the U: $1,050, with Oakland ranking among the top five.

The median arts-related income in Oakland is $9,400.

The AP spoke with the AIA’s director, Robert A. Shivers, about why the city is getting great art in the eyes of many.

What are the challenges?

Art in America is a very diverse market.

We see it in art markets, in galleries, in schools.

But we also see it online.

It’s everywhere.

What’s the big challenge for the city?

What’s the biggest challenge to attracting the best talent?

There’s so much art happening right now.

I think the biggest challenges is that the market is still very much saturated with very low-quality art.

I don’t think we have a lot of talent right now that is capable of putting out quality art that people want to see.

And if you look at the art we’re seeing right now, I don’ t think you have the talent.

The AIA, the American Society of Magazine Arts, has identified Oakland as one of 12 cities with the best arts-industry jobs, according a report by the American Art Institute.

The report ranked the city’s art-industy jobs in terms of revenue, revenue per art-production worker, revenue for art-market vendors and revenue for the arts-market itself.

Oakland’s art market, which includes galleries, art fairs, galleries, galleries and museums, had the fourth-highest revenue per worker, according with $10.75 per hour.

The art industry has been growing in Oakland since the mid-2000s.

The population of the city grew by more than 10,000 people between 2010 and 2014, according data from the city.

The industry has added thousands of jobs, including some at museums and other galleries.

In 2016, Oakland saw its first African-American mayor, Sheryl Sculley, who was sworn in in March.

Her administration is promoting the arts.

Artists and galleries are expected to be a major driver in the city, and the AIAN report said the city had the third-highest art-work revenue per square foot of any U.N. country in 2016, behind only Mexico and France.

The report also said Oakland had the second-highest percentage of black artists and the third highest percentage of Hispanic artists in 2016.

In 2018, the number of African-Americans represented in Oakland’s arts and culture industry rose to 4.5%, and the number increased to 6.3% by 2022.

The city also had the highest percentage African- American artists in the country for both genders, with more than 9% of the population of Oakland identifying as black.

Oakland has been ranked among the most racially diverse cities in the nation by The Urban Institute.

It’s a challenge to attract the best artists.

I believe there is a lot more that is needed than just a good art market in Oakland.

There’s a lot that can be done, and there are a lot people out there who are looking to do that, but there’s a lack of diversity in the art world.

What do you think needs to be done to attract and retain talent in the arts?

There needs to have more diversity in arts-based industries.

That’s why I believe the arts are so important in our city.

It needs to open up for all the talented people to come and explore, whether it be as artists or artists who are part of the arts community, whether that’s in the entertainment industry, whether you’re in the film industry, or the news industry, you know, all those different industries that need to be open to all people.

The community needs to come together and support each other and support the arts in the community, because they are our lifeblood, our foundation.

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