Why Phoenix graffiti artists are making art out of nothing

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A group of graffiti artists who live on the outskirts of Phoenix are making their own street art.

The street art is called “fantastik,” a Greek word for beautiful.

A man who was a guest at the artist’s studio said he wanted to paint something on the walls of the gallery because he likes the art style.

“I love the graffiti art,” said the man, who declined to give his name.

“It is a great style.

It is very creative.

I would love to paint the walls with it.”

A gallery member said the artist was working on a wall that would feature graffiti drawings that are meant to evoke a certain emotion.

He said the gallery had painted a wall with graffiti that depicted a man holding a knife over his head.

“We had painted it a little bit earlier and it was very scary.

I wanted to say something to him and he said it was okay,” the man said.

He said the artists have been asked to change the wall.

The artist said he has been asked by the gallery to leave the gallery.

The gallery is now trying to get the mural in its permanent collection, said the group’s executive director, James Sperry.

He declined to provide further details.

Artists and artists have also been asked not to paint murals on the exterior walls of their galleries.

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