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There are many places to grab a beer in New York City these days, but this place is definitely one of them.

Known as the Bar and Grill, the eatery has been serving up beer in its basement since the late 80s, but since the city’s reinvention of its beer-friendly culture in 2014, it has gone through several incarnations.

From the humble brick and mortar to the expansive, glass-enclosed bar with a view of the Hudson River, the Bar has become a place for New Yorkers to share their beer knowledge and enjoy a day out on the town.

The Bar and the crew behind it are proud to share the latest in their craft and are constantly expanding their offerings, adding a new menu item, a full bar, and even a beer garden.

Check out the inside of the Bar as we dive into what’s new at the iconic restaurant, the story behind its name, and why you should stop by before you forget all about it. 1.

The original Bar and The Bar Bar, the original Bar is located at 15 West 57th Street.

It’s currently open for lunch and dinner.


Bar and Garden, the new Bar and Bar Garden is located in the basement of The Bar at 7 West 57 Street.


The Garage Bar, this is the new bar that opened at The Bar on May 1.

This bar is open every day of the week.


Barbecue Bar, This is the main restaurant and bar at the new restaurant.

The new Bar is open on Saturdays and Sundays.


The Biergarten, the Biergerat is the newest addition to the Bar at 11 West 57 St. 6.

The Beer Garden, this place has an amazing beer selection.


The Roxy, a bar and lounge located in The Bar.


The Tenderloin, a new restaurant and beer garden in the Roxy.


The Tavern, the Tasting Room in the Tender Loin.


The Wine Cellar, located in West 57st Street.


The Brewery, the Brewery in the Brewery at 11th Avenue and Lexington Street.


The Coffee House, the Coffee House at 8 West 57.


The Café, a place where you can eat with friends at the bar.


The Lounge, a restaurant located at 10 West 57 and Lexington Streets.


The Tap Room, the Tap Room in The Tap at 10th Avenue.


The Cellar at 10 and Broadway.


The Garden, a space where you and your friends can hang out and relax.


The bar and garden at 11 and Lexington streets.


The brewery and taproom at 10, 10th and Lexington.


The rooftop bar at 11 Lexington Street and Broadway and the rooftop bar in the restaurant.


The food truck, located at the corner of 10th Ave and Broadway in the West 57 area.


The beer garden, located just off Broadway and Broadway on the corner.


The full bar and the outdoor patio.


The wine cellar, located on the west side of Broadway at 11 Broadway and Lexington, and the beer garden at 10 Broadway and 6th Avenue in the East 57 area, and on the east side of the West Broadway and 11th Ave intersection.


The coffee house, located off Broadway at Broadway and 7th Avenue, and in the space just off the building, the restaurant, and a small space for people to eat and relax in the front of the building.


The café and patio at the end of the street.


The outdoor patio at 10 East 57th St. and the new full bar.


The indoor patio at 11 East 57 and Broadway, the patio space on the building next door.


The patio at 9 East 57.


The underground bar.


The restaurant.


The space on 11th avenue and Broadway between Broadway and 5th Avenue which is just outside the building on Broadway between 10th avenue to Broadway.


The building on the other side of 10 Broadway that was once a bar at which there used to be a large bar, where people once sat in front of a large table and had a few beers.


The old restaurant on Broadway and 3rd Avenue.


The large space between 10 and 10th Avenues.


The corner of Broadway between 12th and 12th streets.


The basement area between 9th and Broadway near Broadway.


The courtyard area between 12 and 10 Broadway.


The area near 12th street and Broadway at the intersection of Broadway and 4th Avenue at the site of the former bar that was used to seat up to 50 people.


The section of 5th Ave.

between Broadway to 10th that is home to the famous West Broadway Market.


The sidewalk between 12nd and 10 Streets between the former location of the New York Central Station.

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