How to be Danish on Instagram with #sunflowerstreetart


DANSKI, Denmark — Danish street artists have been making their mark with a new art style in the past year that celebrates sunflower flowers and is the result of a collaboration between artist Kristoffer Eriksen and Danish artist Danski.

Eriksen has been creating sunflower art since 2007 and has received support from the Danish government.

Since 2010, he has worked on sunflower sculptures and installations on the streets of Danskilde, the city of about 3.5 million people.

In 2017, he decided to combine the two in the new street art style, known as sunflower-themed street art.

Erikser’s sunflower work is more colorful and more colorful than most sunflower works.

He has also made his work more whimsical, such as using the shape of a sunflower in one of his sunflower designs.

“The sunflower is the only thing that keeps the sunflower flower alive,” Eriks, who has also created a few other works with the sunflowers, told ESPN.

“The sunflower is just a symbol.

So it’s a symbol that is alive in all of us.

It’s something that we’re all connected to.”

The sun flower symbolizes the sun itself, and it’s also the symbol of freedom and creativity.

Eriken told ESPN he thinks sunflowing is a symbol of the sun.

“It means that it’s possible for people to create something from nothing.

And it’s the way it should be, because the sun is the source of life and the sun must be free.”

Sunflowers have been growing in popularity in Denmark since the 1940s.

Since then, they have been used to symbolize freedom, individuality, and creativity in various cultures around the world.

Many sunflOWER paintings have been created by Erikse and his friends, who call their work sunflower inspired.

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