How to spot street art and how to find them


In an era of social media and digital billboards, it’s often hard to tell which street art is real and which is fake.

That’s why this new, interactive, online platform is helping people identify street art by posting a photo of it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The platform is a combination of real-world street art that’s been digitally manipulated and curated to highlight real street art.

If you see the photo of a street art mural, for instance, you can compare the location of the painting with what’s on Instagram.

You can also search for specific artists and artists’ photos, and get the real thing.

“I think we’ve really made a breakthrough with this, in that we’ve created an interactive platform that allows people to go out and find these images and see the real things,” said Matt O’Connor, co-founder of the company.

O’Connor said the company plans to make its platform available in multiple languages, including Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Russian.

The platform was developed with a group of community members from across the United States.

The team plans to expand the app over time to include more artists, and hopes to eventually provide access to real street artist photos and their street art backgrounds.

“We have a community of people who have a passion for street art,” O’Brien said.

“They want to share that passion, they want to get their own art, and the platform can help them do that.”

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