When Iljin’s ‘Milano’ is No Longer Street Art Milano


It’s been almost a year since the Milan-based street art collective Iljin first launched a new project, ‘Milana,’ which featured art created with the help of the local artists’ collective.

Now, the group has been featured in a viral video, and has been receiving a ton of attention from the streets of Milan.

“Milana is an important piece of street art because it’s a collaboration between street artists and the city’s government, the government of Milan, which is a big project,” Iljin co-founder and creative director Daniela Gallezzi told MTV News.

“It’s the first time that these artists are participating in a government project, which makes me very happy.”

Milan’s mayor, Silvio Berlusconi, is known for his tough stance against street art and other street-art-related activities, but this latest piece of artistic expression is being applauded by residents of the Italian capital.

“The Milan mayor has been really encouraging me and the group in the street art world,” Gallezzi said.

“I’ve seen people actually stopping to admire the work.

I’m very proud of that.”

As well as receiving some positive publicity from the city, Milan’s new street art is also garnering some critical acclaim.

“For me, the most important part of the video was the video,” Galletti said, “and the video has got so much attention that it’s making a difference.”

“The video was actually filmed by the mayor himself, who was there and was really interested in what we were doing.”

Milan street art Milana image source MTV “Milanas’ new street artist collaboration with the Milan city government has been widely praised for its innovative and creative way of using the street,” the Milanese newspaper Il Messaggero reported.

“This was the first of its kind in the world, and the result was to create a kind of a street art community in Milan, and a collaboration of artisans and street artists, which can’t be said about many other projects.”

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