How to be a street artist in NYC


The city’s most famous street artist is a Brooklyn-based artist known for her street art installations and her work with the hashtag #tarekh.

Award-winning street artist Tarek Sadeghi recently received the 2017 Pulitzer Prize in Visual Arts for her work on Brooklyn’s Upper West Side, which includes her iconic, multi-colored Tarekh mural.

She also recently created a mural in honor of the late Brooklyn Nets guard Rasheed Wallace, the first African American player inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Sadeghis artwork features a large and colorful mural on the sidewalk along the Lower East Side’s Bowery, depicting Wallace’s iconic signature hand gesture.

Her work is often seen along Brooklyn’s waterfront, where she often paints on the water with an orange spray paint, while others spray paint on the street with a neon yellow color.

Sakeghi said her mural was inspired by Wallace’s friendship with his friend and former teammate, Rasheed, who died in April 2017 at age 33.

“He was like the best friend of mine,” Sadegis said.

“He was the person who gave me a lot of confidence, who taught me so much about life.

He was the most honest person, and I loved him so much.”

A mural from the #tearkh project.

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