How to find Miami street art, including street art on the city’s streets


MICHIGAN CITY (Reuters) – In the days since the U.S. Supreme Court struck down key parts of President Donald Trump’s travel ban, Miami-Dade County has become an epicenter of anti-immigrant protests, including at the site where two Mexican-American women were killed last week.

Some of the most well-known examples of street art have taken the form of murals by graffiti artists that were created on vacant storefronts and street corners, some of which have gone viral on social media.

On Sunday, the mural of two women on a building in a strip mall that was once the home of a clothing store and an auto body shop was covered with the words “Trump is racist” and “Trump was born in Mexico.”

On Saturday night, graffiti artists painted an image of a man in a baseball cap, with the caption “Trump hates Mexicans” in red letters.

A man stands in a street mural depicting a woman being killed by a man wearing a hat and a mask.

The mural was painted on the back of a building.

On Monday, the woman’s body was found on the sidewalk in front of a nearby clothing store.

In some of the murals, the words are spelled out in Spanish or other languages and often in cursive, a type of handwriting that was more common in the Spanish-speaking South during the Mexican-Americans’ 1910-1930 immigration to the United States.

Some have been painted over by graffiti, others are partially covered with graffiti.

The Miami Herald reported on Tuesday that a couple in the area of W. 6th and Cesar Chavez Streets in Miami Beach was charged with defacing the mural.

The murals were the work of a group called the Miami New Wave.

It said it painted over the graffiti because they were tired of the harassment they were receiving.

The Miami-based group posted the message “We are here to be the voice of the voiceless” on the mural on Monday.

The message is also featured in several other murals.

On Monday, Miami police said a man was arrested in connection with the graffiti and an investigation was underway.

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