‘The Chico’, a masked street artist, returns to London


Vicente Delgado has returned to London for a week of street art.

He’s now dressed in a mask, holding a gun.

“I’m returning to the capital for a two-week event of street-art.

It’s very important for me because I’m a participant of the event and it’s important for the world,” he said.

He told us that he decided to do a mask because he was feeling unwell, but he doesn’t see any reason why it’s bad.

“Because I’ve had my own heart attack.

So it’s not a good reason to not do it.

It helps me to feel comfortable.

The mask is a very symbolic mask.”

He is currently holding a copy of his book, “Chico: A Memoir of an Artist”.

He said he had a similar experience in Italy with his masked work.

“We were in Italy for five years, and I started to see that it’s a lot easier for me to create a mask,” he told us.

He added that he was “happy” to return to the UK.

“My aim is to make my contribution to the world and to contribute to the arts, so I will come back to the city.”

He will be at the ‘Creepy Street Art Festival’ on June 23 and 24.

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To create a street art festival for this artist is a great achievement,” he added.

More stories from the UK and Ireland

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