Street art at the New York Public Library: A guide to the most iconic murals in New York


There are plenty of murals at the public library in New Jersey, New York, and beyond.

Here are some that you may not know about.

The iconic mural that was commissioned by Mayor Jim Kenney at the end of 2014 is on display at the library.

(The New York Daily News) “I like the way they used to paint the trees on the sidewalks,” one resident of Long Island told the New Yorker in January of this year.

“They’re not always doing that.

They’re a little more subdued.”

The other resident told the magazine that the murals were designed to evoke the city’s history and “provide a window into the lives of people who lived here.”

“They’ve been working on it since the 1960s,” the resident said.

“It’s not a new thing.”

(The Daily News, via Facebook) “This is the same city that was built by slaves,” one of the murers said.

(Facebook) “It was painted by a man who was the head of the local plantation,” one murer said.

Another murer commented, “We’re from the South.

We’re not going to let it get away.”

Another said, “If you go up to the window, the light is going to go out and the murrings will stay there.”

(Facebook, via The Daily News/The New Yorker) The original design for the mural was completed in 1885.


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