How to draw bubbles, graffiti and murals on street art?

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A few weeks ago, a new graffiti tag was created on the Ghent street of the Belgian capital, where the Belgian artist “Ils” is one of the world’s most prolific artists.

“The tag is about the fact that graffiti artists are very free with their art,” said Ils, whose work has been featured in publications from the New York Times to The Guardian.

“I wanted to create a tag to highlight a free culture of street art.

I was inspired by the artists who do the same thing but in a different way.” 

Ils was inspired to start the tag by the same artist, Yves Baudouin, who has also made murals and street art in Paris, Berlin and London. 

“I wanted a tag that would be universal.

It’s not just about the tag, it’s about a culture,” Ils told The Jerusalem Times.

“We want to make a tag for the whole world.

Ils is an example of the freedom that can be created in the art world.”

The tag was launched on Friday and, by Monday, it had attracted more than 3,000 followers on Twitter.

“The tag does not take the place of graffiti,” Iles told The Times of Israel.

“It is a celebration of the art.”

The “free culture” tag is similar to that of the UK’s “Free the Graffiti”, which has been widely used to describe the freedom to create art that’s free of censorship and corporate control.

“We want this tag to become a global symbol, so that it becomes part of the culture,” said Baudouchin.

“If you are not in the same culture, you are free to be yourself.”

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