When a pandemic wipes out the street art gallery

By the time the pandemic ends in 2019, the gallery of street art in Melbourne’s CBD will be empty.The building has been abandoned since it was built in the 1980s, but its colourful and abstract artwork, designed to inspire confidence in new technology, is one of the city’s most enduring and important cultural assets.Its colourful


When is the next Seattle street art event?

On Thursday, the Seattle Art Museum hosted a two-day, free, art installation called The Wynwood Street Art Series.The series, which runs from December 16-18, features works from local street artists, such as Kaleb Jones and Lillian Lee, as well as internationally-renowned artists such as Frank Stella and Kostya Tsvetkova.In addition, the artworks will be on


How to Stop the Invaders

As we have noted in our earlier coverage, street art and graffiti are rapidly changing our perception of who and what is in the world.They have been shown to have the potential to radically transform our perceptions of who we are and how we live our lives, and they are being increasingly used in a


Which Melbourne street art is worth your money?

The street art market has been flooded with artists’ work, and it seems that Melbourne has one of the highest demand for street art.The streets of Melbourne have become a popular tourist destination, but some artists say they’re losing money.“The artists that are doing street art here are losing money because they’re not able to